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What does it take to develop 'cloud-first'?

In this blog I try to outline some of my learnings building a managed cloud service ‘cloud-first’ and wanted to reflect and contrast against the traditional on-premise development model. The views in this article are my own, so feedback, comments are welcome

On-Premise/Traditional Product Development
Traditional on-prem software development often revolved on the core premises of Develop-Test-Deliver. Serviceability (read as trace-ability, logging) although critical in any enterprise class product, is often refined re-actively based on the nature of issues encountered from the field. With the ability to ‘later’ release new versions of the product, it is considered acceptable to have this improved upon in future increments/versions. Automated Validation, Continuous Integration although critical, is often looked upon as ‘process optimization’ and ‘good to have’ towards improving product quality and development efficiency. Since on-premise software release cycles typically spans several wee…