What does your internet ‘avatar’ say about you?

 The complete article is published @ India Onward

Today, we are all living a second ‘avatar’ on the internet. Every individual is getting increasingly mobile, social and always connected to the internet. While our social interactions in the real world have reduced the same on the internet & social media is increasing manifolds. Ponder for a while when was the last time you spoke face to face with your next door neighbor or friend, in most cases it would certainly be more through social media and lesser in person. This is a trend that is only increasing where we are building whole new ecosystems online to socialize with friends and colleagues or to voice our thoughts.  These activities on the internet often leaves behind large amounts of precious information about who we are and what we seek. These ‘breadcrumbs’ of information are intelligently assimilated to build profiles about us on the internet – enter the world of Big Data & Analytics!

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