Do you have a big data strategy yet?

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The future is wrought with greater automation, greater machine-to-machine (M2M)—Internet of Things—communication and greater reliance on machines by humans—data and analytics—than ever before. While in one sense the human race is becoming digitally sophisticated, in contrast we are moving into an era in which humans may increasingly rely on machines to think and make decisions. Handheld calculators were the first iteration of this transformation—when was last time you manually added up a grocery bill? Even if you did the mental calculation, you likely still used a machine to check your result. In the future, this machine-supported check will likely be applied to rudimentary decisions as well.

Glimpsing the world’s foreseeable future

Humans are likely to continue to increase their dependence on machines to perform tasks that are achievable through M2M communication or because of insights drawn from data. Already, refrigerators connected to the Internet have the ability to place orders for groceries online.

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