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What is the big deal with BigInsights 4.0?

BigInsights offers a one stop shop for Business Analysts and Scientists. IBM BigInsights enhances open source Hadoop with the complete set of capabilities to query, visualize, explore data and conduct distributed machine learning at scale resulting in deeper insight and better actions.

In a nutshell BigInsights 4.0 offers:

1) 100% Open Source Base Components
IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop is composed of 100 percent open source components for use in big data analysis. This product offering includes open source components such as Ambari, Hadoop, YARN, Spark, Hive, HBase, Knox, Avro, Flume, Pig, Slider, Sqoop, ZooKeeper, Oozie, Avro, Nagios, and more. Yes Spark is now supported!
IBM Open Platform has incorporated the most recent releases across all of the components of Enterprise Hadoop, including Hadoop 2.6.

2) More Flexible Packaging & Monitoring
With support for Apache Ambari users have a very flexible and intuitive mechanism to install/configure/monitor the services…

Do you have a big data strategy yet?

The complete article is published @ the Big Data & Analytics Hub

The future is wrought with greater automation, greater machine-to-machine (M2M)—Internet of Things—communication and greater reliance on machines by humans—data and analytics—than ever before. While in one sense the human race is becoming digitally sophisticated, in contrast we are moving into an era in which humans may increasingly rely on machines to think and make decisions. Handheld calculators were the first iteration of this transformation—when was last time you manually added up a grocery bill? Even if you did the mental calculation, you likely still used a machine to check your result. In the future, this machine-supported check will likely be applied to rudimentary decisions as well.

Glimpsing the world’s foreseeable future

Humans are likely to continue to increase their dependence on machines to perform tasks that are achievable through M2M communication or because of insights drawn from data. Already, refr…

What does your internet ‘avatar’ say about you?

The complete article is published @ India Onward

Today, we are all living a second ‘avatar’ on the internet. Every individual is getting increasingly mobile, social and always connected to the internet. While our social interactions in the real world have reduced the same on the internet & social media is increasing manifolds. Ponder for a while when was the last time you spoke face to face with your next door neighbor or friend, in most cases it would certainly be more through social media and lesser in person. This is a trend that is only increasing where we are building whole new ecosystems online to socialize with friends and colleagues or to voice our thoughts.  These activities on the internet often leaves behind large amounts of precious information about who we are and what we seek. These ‘breadcrumbs’ of information are intelligently assimilated to build profiles about us on the internet – enter the world of Big Data & Analytics!

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