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Why Telcos need to care about Big Data Analytics?

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Over the years telecom providers have primarily focused on delivering quality, cost effective medium for voice & data. This strategy to squeeze the most bandwidth from existing infrastructure helped profitability initially. However, competition has meant that each player has had to keep lowering the price bar, severely impacting the margins over the years. These are the telcos that provide the very medium for all of the data that is ushering in the 'data revolution'. Yet, with their 19th century business strategies on monetizing purely based on 'service usage' or 'voice services' has put significant pressure on margins and growth. Largely the market has gotten saturated as every player have almost similar services, offers and pricing. The Indian telecom landscape is no different, a decade ago you probably had just 2-3 players each one enjoying a niche region and double digit y-o-y growth, the story is…

Can IBM Watson gain wisdom?

IBM Watson is a cognitive computing system with natural language based analytics capabilities. Watson first shot to fame when it defeated the reigning champions in a game a jeapordy on live television. Jeapordy is a form of quiz which contestants are presented with general knowledge clues in the form of answers, and must phrase their responses in question form.

The game showcased how Watson is able to handle not just a breadth of complex questions but also understand and respond to metaphors and puns in the questions.

 What makes Watson different?

1) Can understand natural language: Can decipher data from natural language text sources including wikis, web pages, tweets...

2) Can learn from past results and improve: Gets better and able to learn from past mistakes.

3) Is domain agnostic: Not built for any specific area of business/domain.

It reminded me of  the DIKW pyramid and the definition of 'Wisdom' in the context of computer systems: