Monday, November 10, 2014

Bluemix + Watson = Unlimited Possibilities!

Event: Meetup Event Details

Date: 08-Nov-2014
Host / Speakers:
Salil Ahuja, Sr. Product Manager, IBM Watson Developer Cloud.
Rajendra Kamath (myself), Engineering Manager, IBM India Software Labs

1) Overview on Bluemix
2) IBM Watson Services on Bluemix
3) Demo Applications using IBM Watson Services

I flagged off the event with an overview on the value proposition of bluemix that you can find here. This was followed with a historical perspective on how the computing industry has evolved towards cognitive computing. This included the narration on how IBM Deep Blue first showed that computing systems could better humans when it beat the then reigning World Champion, Gary Kasparov. This was followed with an interesting discussion on IBM Watson first making a public appearance in a game of jeapordy that is elaborated here. The baton was then handed over to Salil who covered all of the 8 IBM Watson Services that are now available on Bluemix. This also included live demos that show cases the use-case and possible usage scenarios for real world applications.
The event was resumed post a short tea/snacks break. Finally based on popular demand we also covered an overview on all of the Bluemix Services along with a demo building a app using Watson services in Bluemix.

Some key take-aways:

1) Attendees were especially excited to learn on limitless possibilities for next-gen solutions/ideas with cognitive capabilities using Watson Services on Bluemix.

2) Although this meetup agenda was focused on Watson Services, there were a few who expressed excitement on the other bluemix services (IoT, DevOps) and have committed to evaluate and get back to us if they need assistance.

Watch out this space for updates on future such events!

Cheers to Bluemix!

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