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Back to school: 'Cloud & Bluemix' @ MIT Manipal

This was my first visit to MIT-Manipal in 13 years after my 'Bachelor of Engineering' graduation. My thoughts prior to the visit were a mix of apprehension, excitement, anxiety and one of guilt that I had never made any visits in the past although my home town is less than 30 miles from Manipal.

Considering the number of years gone by, I just felt right to title this blog based on the 1980's classic with the same name, although unlike the movie my visit to MIT-Manipal was limited to a few hours and I am definitely not a 'wealthy uneducated father' depicted in the movie :-)

I had the opportunity to meet several of the faculty members and it was interesting to run through memory lane talking to them on how things have changed over the years. All students now have individual laptops, assignments are emailed to students, classrooms are all air-conditioned with projectors and white boards (no more back boards) :-) and lot more interesting changes.

 Although I was appre…

Workshop on Cloud, PaaS and Bluemix

Event: Venue Details and information to join future events

Date: 06-Sept-2014

It was a bright and clear saturday morning @ Embassy Golf Link premises, Bangalore and the day got brighter for us seeing attendees join the invite inspite of being weekend morning event.

All in all a very successful event, thanks to all of the attendees of the event. We plan to have many more such events in future!


10 - 10:45
1) Introduction to Cloud, PaaS & BLuemix (Presentation)


10:45 - 11:15
2) Bluemix UI walkthrough
- Catalog,Dashboard, Boiler plates, Services, Runtimes, Pricing
- Create a nodeJS sample app. Show the application properties.

11:15 - 11:40
3) JazzHub and Git
- Add Git, Make a small change and show the changes reflecting in the App.
- Value proposition of JazzHub/Git with Bluemix.


--------------------------- 10 mins Break ------------------------------------------------------------------------

12:00 - 12:10
4) Showcase nodeJS MongoDB demo pushing the …