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Wake up to Cloud!

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This blog provides a primer on why it is critical to wake up to paradigm shifts in the technology space vis-à-vis cloud, analytics, mobile and Big Data and how Bluemix provides the perfect ecosystem to help you embrace this change and get your apps go-live in just a few clicks.

What is changing?1) More Data: It is said that 90% of the total data in the World today was produced in the just the last two years. 'Data' is the new oil... it is crude and yet enterprises are looking to 'refine' it through analytics for critical business decisions. With more unstructured data generated through social media and mobile apps the prominence of more 'Systems of Engagement' kind of applications over 'Systems of Records' (structured relational data) in evolving.

2) More Devices: With the number of internet connected devices poised to outnumber humans on Earth, enterprises are building smart ecosystems an…