Thursday, May 22, 2014

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  • Leverage DB2 Connect for insert operations in existing C/C++ IBM Data Server applications

    The complete article is published here: DeveloperWorks

This tutorial explains the key best practices when developing C/C++ applications against the IBM Data Servers; (DB2® for z/OS®; DB2 for i; DB2 for Linux, UNIX, and Windows; and Informix®). It provides details for leveraging several of the features in DB2 Connect™ that pave the way for better performance and align with best-practice recommendations. You can use this information while developing/enhancing existing applications in C/C++ targeting IBM Data Servers.

  • DB2 Connect: Get the most from new features in DB2 Cancun

The complete article is published here: DeveloperWorks

DB2® Connect in DB2 Cancun Release includes many rich features. Get a high-level overview of the key features across the various client drivers for DB2, including Java™ driver and non-Java drivers (CLI and .NET). Learn about the practical application of the new DB2 Connect features that provide big returns. Key features can help alleviate several business problems. The information in this tutorial will be useful when deciding on release upgrades.

  • Get started with the IBM Data Server .NET Provider for Informix

The complete article is published here: DeveloperWorks

The IBM Data Server .NET Provider supports application development for IBM® Informix®. It is available for download as part of the Informix Client Software Development Kit (SDK). This article describes the two .NET providers that support .NET application development for Informix, and highlights the benefits of using the Data Server .NET Provider. The article also provides examples to help you quickly get started using the IBM Data Server .NET Provider.

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