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The Economics of Open Source Software

Picture this: You walk into a restaurant, take your pick from the menu, and enjoy a nice meal. When it comes to paying the bill, you are billed less than 30% than usual and what’s more you are provided all the secret recipes & instructions for preparing the cuisine back home. While your head is reeling wondering if this were a dream, you are told that the food you just ate was prepared by chefs’ free-of-charge :-)
It has baffled me as to how the very premise of ‘software product’ business vis-à-vis ‘source code’ is made available ‘for all’ and how there is an ever increasing number of individuals & corporations ready to devote time & energy to build and share ‘source code’ ‘free of cost’. This article is an attempt to understand how the ‘Open Source’ software philosophy has evolved and what motivates individuals & corporations to embrace ‘Open Source’ in various forms (read as different licensing  models).
Today almost all large & medium software corporations have…

Understanding OData (and its potential in the fast changing technology World)

This article primarily is an effort to understand the ‘problem’ and the technology that is making an effort to address this – OData aka 'Open Data Protocol'. The sole purpose of this article is to provide an overview on ‘OData’ offers links for further reading.
The Problem: As one might imagine, in today’s world we have an increasing amount of data, different sources of data on the one hand and an increasing demand to be able to view the data through various means(browser, application, mobile devices) on the other. Increasingly businesses are also looking for easier means to combine data from various sources for analytics and market research.
The problem is not new, it is just that with businesses fast adopting to the ‘social’ model of influencing, marketing and doing business, this is becoming an important use case for most data driven application/product. The need is for a ‘standard’/’mechanism’ that is well accepted to ‘expose’ your data in a way that it can be easily be co…

Agile – Impediments to successful execution

For the last several years I have had the privilege to be part of several projects executed in ‘Agile’ during which I have held various roles including, as a team member, technicallead/architect and overall responsible manager. While there are plenty of articles already on the web that openly praise or abhor the methodology, this article intends to highlight my individual experiences and provides a quick primer to understand the key factors which could be detrimental to the success of ‘Agile’ in any particular project.
Top impediments for ‘Agile’:
Lack of separate internal team organization for new-development:  This is the #1 ‘real’ problem in any enterprise organization with work being either around ‘new’ feature/enhancements versus addressing ‘production issues’ or customer escalations. For ‘Agile’ to succeed you first need to have a well defined team that purely focuses on ‘new’ development and never mix the two.

All teams need to go ‘Agile’ or non…